3 Reasons Why Rainwater Is Best For The Garden

Watering garden with watering can

It may seem odd to care about what type of water goes into your garden, yet it does make a big difference. Using rainwater instead of tap water increases soil health and is better for the environment. Rainwater collection with a waterbutt is one of the best choices a gardener can make.

1. Rainwater is soft

Soft water is water that has not been treated and is naturally low in calcium and magnesium ions. This is important because deposits of those ions can build up. Treated water means the use or addition of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. These can build up in your garden as well and harm the soil. Pure water free of minerals, chemicals, and salts is best for the garden and rainwater is naturally free of these.

2. Rainwater has nitrates

Nitrate is the most bio-available form of nitrogen and nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients needed in a garden. Nitrogen is what makes foliage grow. Plants absorb nitrates from the soil which get there from rain. Naturally provided nitrogen reduces the need for fertilisers and creates a more organic, well-balanced soil.

3. Rainwater is free

Water from the tap is not free. Utility bills can skyrocket in the summer months with the additional demand for water for the garden. Besides helping your wallet, not using community water sources also reduces the burden these facilities currently face in infrastructure and treatment costs.

Collecting rainwater is a simple process with a waterbutt. Waterbutts channel rainwater down the roof to a collection basin. There, it is ready to be used whenever your garden needs some water. Installing a waterbutt is a simple, economical, and earth-friendly option when it comes to providing your garden with it's most basic necessity.

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